Our Scholarship Program

The history of the Scholarship Program dates back almost to the beginning of the International Women’s Club of Mérida (IWC), in 1984.

Its original name was The Gretchen Estrup Memorial Scholarship Fund, commemorating the life of a much beloved founding member of the IWC, who was a lifelong champion of the advancement of women.

Scholarships are awarded according to criteria established by a Committee of five voting members created by the IWC with the President appointing the chairwoman and it is divided into two areas:

    • An administrative group that selects the students
    • The mentorship module that assists the girls with their personal and professional development

More about the Scholarship Program

Current Scholarship Recipients

Flora Ileana Can Poot is in her 8/8 semester studying Tourism at UADY (Autonomus University of the Yucatan). Flora was born in Tekax in 1996 where she lived with her mom and dad and 4 brothers until moving to Casa de la Proteccion also known as Joven Suarez Molino. She continues doing her professional practices at Tzucacab village and preparing for her EGEL exam.

Celia Esmeralda Hernandez Rosado is in her 6/10 semester studying Urban Design at UADY. Celia, an only child, was born in Cancun in 1996 where she lived with her mother until moving to Casa de la Proteccion. Recently, she has relocated to Motul to live with her mother again.

Faride Candiani Azcoitia is in her 8/10 semester studying Psychology at UADY and plans to do her Masters in Sexology. Faride, an only child, was born in Cancun and lived with her mother until moving to Mérida.