Community Service

For many years, we have provided higher education scholarship support and mentoring to several young women annually. In addition, we fundraise to offer disbursements to other groups and organizations in the region, such as food banks, children’s shelters, etc.

Funding for our charitable activities comes from designated fundraisers, including trips, monthly raffles, individual sponsorship, membership dues, special events such as our rummage sale, bingo nights, member art show. and newsletter advertising.

Currently, we are able to offer several additional community service  opportunities. Some of our members volunteer with Estancia Nueva Vida, an afternoon program for 27 primary school-aged girls,  and the IWC provides financial support, positive reinforcement, affection  and seasonal activities. The Children with Cancer Project involves many of our members offering material and emotional support for children and their families struggling with large problems. More recently, we have begun supporting a free health clinic in the small pueblo, Baca, about 30 km. east of Mérida.

Personal involvement in community service is strongly encouraged, and many of our members participate in service activities both within and outside the sponsorship of the IWC. We are proud of our positive impact!