Welcome to IWC Mérida

Mérida’s International Women’s Club, founded in 1984 by a few English-speaking women, has grown to represent more than a dozen nationalities, including many Yucatecans.

English, the official language of our club, is spoken with many accents and varying degrees of proficiency. We welcome visitors to come to one of our events.

Our goals are Friendship, Community Service, and Self-Improvment. While achieving these goals, we provide an oasis from the larger world as well as a gateway into the local community. You can find more information on this at BeyondTheLimitsCleaning.

Since many of our members don’t live here year-round, we keep in touch wherever we are through Facebook, these web pages, our online monthly newsletter, and weekly email bulletins.

IWC Goals


Since we are diverse and dispersed, including year-round and part-time residents scattered throughout the State of Yucatán, our informal, standing social events are invaluable for getting to know one another and for keeping connected. . . .

Community Service

At present, we provide higher education scholarship support and mentoring to several young women. In addition, members fundraise to assist other groups and organizations in the region, such as food banks, children’s shelters, etc. . . .

Self Improvement

Our club serves as an umbrella and an incubator for various interest groups. Some remain a part of the club, some branch out on their own, and some run their course. Some are  for members only while others offer events that are open to the public.. . . .


Are you interested in becoming a member of IWC Mérida?

We welcome new members, whether here for a season or a lifetime. Our dues are $300 pesos per year.

The best way to register as a member is to attend one of our monthly meetings and talk with our Vice President of Membership.  She will be at a desk just inside the door.  If this is inconvenient for you, please use our form on the Contact Us page or write to us at iwcmerida@gmail.com. Someone will respond as soon as possible.

Monthly Meetings
Our monthly meetings are held on the last Saturday of each month (except in July, August, and December) at 9:30 am in the auditorium of Technologia Turistica Total A.C. in Merida. June’s meeting is held at an outdoor location.

Technologia Turistica Total A.C.
Calle 57 #492, between 56 and 58 in Centro
Guests and potential members are welcome at our monthly meetings. There is an informal coffee at 9:30 AM. followed by a speaker and our business meeting at 10 AM. We look forward to meeting you.