More about the Scholarship Program

The goal of this program remains the same since it began: to help young female students who wish to continue their studies. This program is funded exclusively by the membership of IWC and various fund raising activities.

In the beginning, the number of scholarships awarded was dependent on the availability of funds. What began as a partial funding has evolved into a full scholarship and has become one of the most important charities that the IWC supports. It was the intent that the remaining money from IWC coffers will go to the completion of the education of the scholarship recipients. Throughout the years, the work of the Scholarship Committee has supported at least 20 young women in attaining their degrees in various areas of education such as Law, Medicine, Tourism, Veterinary, Science, Languages, International Trade Marketing and Administration.

Scholarships are awarded according to criteria established by a Committee of 5 voting members created by the IWC with the President appointing the chairwoman and it is divided in two areas:

    • An administrative group that selects the students
    • The mentorship module that assists the girls with their personal and professional development

The Scholarship Committee has the following responsibilities:

    • To select students who best demonstrate an aptitude for and a dedication to their studies, taking into account all financial needs the students may have and present its recommendation to the IWC Board of Directors for approval.
    • Monitor the students` progress and keep a file of them
    • Mentor the students by meeting with them on a regular basis; helping them to improve their English skills on a one to one basis.
    • Present a report of the students’ progress to the IWC membership at least twice a year
    • Ensure that the IWC membership interacts with the students in as many social settings as possible.

The Committee has defined a scholarship as financial assistance to a young woman at the college level whose personal financial situation is considered to be a primary factor in continuing her studies understanding that without this financial assistance the young woman could not continue her career.

Criteria for selection: A female student of limited means with the maturity, and demonstrated ability and motivation to complete an academic degree who has successfully completed the first year in a government sponsored school that is accredited at both State and National levels like: Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (UADY), Instituto Tecnologico Superior, Escuela Normal Superior and Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana (UTM).

    • Studies must be full time and continued until completion of the original request.
    • Parents or mentors should be actively involved to ensure the recipient will finish her studies.
    • An application must be completed that includes two letters of recommendation from professionals affiliated with the above-mentioned institutions.
    • An 80% grade point must be maintained. Funds will be stopped immediately if her average drops or she leaves school.