Our club serves as an umbrella and an incubator for Special  Interest Groups, our SIGs. Some remain a part of the club, some branch out on their own, and some run their course. Some are  for members only, while others offer events that are open to the  public.

Currently, two of our SIGS offer community service  opportunities. Some of our members volunteer with Estancia Nueva Vida, an afternoon program for 27 primary school-aged girls,  providing financial support, positive reinforcement, affection  and seasonal activities. Our Children with Cancer Project offers material and emotional support for children and their families struggling with large problems.

The popular Cultural Awareness and Garden Group SIGs offer other opportunities for self-improvement. Both include guest lecturers, engaging discussions, and field trips in the region.

If you have a skill or special interest you can bring to IWC, we welcome the formation of new SIGs.