Our club serves as an umbrella and an incubator for various special interest groups. Some remain a part of the club, some branch out on their own, and some run their course. Some are  for members only while others offer events that are open to the  public.

The Cultural Awareness Activities and Garden Group  offer opportunities for self-improvement. Both include guest lecturers, engaging discussions, and field trips in the region.

A brand new group is called The Explorers. While the club sponsors occasional large tours to other parts of México, a couple of our members set up two local trips last year. Club members participated in visits to a center of the Lebanese community in Mérida and to a nearby pueblo, Motul, exploring points along the way.

We are planning to continue exploring this year, beginning with the pueblos of Tixkokob and Baca.

Mérida has such rich surroundings, soaked in history, highlighting the Maya culture and ruins, and colonial architecture. What better way to see it and learn about it than cruising in a van with friends!